Wild X Bonus 4

More Wild Multiplier Bonus Slot versions are up for review. The slot manufacturers steadily introduce new slot versions and I gladly present the latest choices for slot players. Since returning from the Gaming Expo in Las Vegas and viewing the new and future versions, there is much to keep us busy. Therefore I will continue to inform here, and via the Slots Report.

Wild X Bonus slots look like basic slots with three reels, but with plus, plus major bonuses usually activated by the third reel/coin.

Bang for a Buck: thus the wild symbol for the top box bonus game. These versions offer a wild color scheme with a bundle of dynamite sticks surrounding the bonus box. No chance of missing the location of this multiplier/wild slot. The lucky 7's will pay with certain alignments but even more with a wild symbol or two and a chance of 2X, 3X, 5X or 10X multiplier. A bit of skill is involved when the flashing stops at Lose ½ or Play Again where you choose to take the win or try again. Choose try again and your gamble can find you at 'busted' getting zilch or other choice-losing ½ the bonus jackpot. This version is for risk-taking players with a chance at the bonus round about every 26 spins. Will you take the gamble for a 20,000 coin top jackpot?

Bell Ringer: Ballys wants you to 'ring that bell' to the top jackpot. A horse symbol is wild among the 7's while three wilds up wins the top jackpot. The 'bell ringer' symbol on third reel activates the bonus game of a light shooting up to the top of tower for bonus bucks and maybe a double win when lit. A crink in your neck as you look up is payback for many bonus rounds. You can afford a massage after a winning session here.

Top Dog: with a payout every 2-3 spins, dog lovers have found their game.

Fire hydrant is 'wild' and three dog houses triggers the bonus round taking you to a familiar sight-poker playing dogs. Pick one and it's poker hand to reveal bonus credits up to 2500. Also line up five dog catchers for extra bonus. Top scatter award is 1250 coins. Come on Fido, be good to me.

Triple Diamond Baseball: 'tis the season for this game. Ball players move around the diamond activated by single, double, triple and home run symbols on the third reel. Baseball players are numbered on a baseball over their head based on your line bet and these points are banked upon hitting home plate. The Home Run symbol on the payline starts a new game and your total credits are calculated. The rest of us can play this game and dream about next season while New York battles it out for the top prize.

Arabian Riches: another Odyssey 'high-platform' version choice. This 3-reeler bonus round sends you flying high on a magic carpet ride while granting 3 of 14 premium wishes for bonus coins, free spins and multiplied jackpots.

I wonder if Steppenwolf envisioned this-'why don't you come with me little girl on a magic carpet ride...'.

Hmm...Gotta go spin some vinyl from yesteryear...bye.

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