Wild X Bonus 3

After scouring this country and Canada searching for the best casino selections, we are back to some Wild Multiplier Bonus Slot versions awaiting a review.

As you remember, these slots look like basic slots with three reels, but with plus, plus major bonuses. Wild symbols, (usually in the name of the slot version), are scattered about; multipliers, (2x, 5x, 10x pay+) as an added bonus option; and free spins that result in additional payouts. These versions also offer frequent hits/payouts; often every second spin, unlike basic slots.

Generally the payout for wild symbols is activated by the third coin. Five and nine paylines and ample pay tables are available with multiple jackpots that you have come to expect from bonus video slots.

1) Good Times: IGT offers 3 varied winning 7’s combos in this version and a ‘Good Times Pays’ wild symbol. The jackpot multiplier works in tiers from 1X/2X to the top level of 12X/144X. The real fun begins after a multiplied jackpot is paid, then the next Times Pay payout is selected randomly and not necessarily the lowest pay. While the dollar players require a larger bankroll for this one, the payout multipliers make for a ‘roller coaster ride of X Good Times Pays profits’.

2) Life of Luxury: Dawwwlings -- shall we move over to the slot that offers red sports cars, yachts, my favorite beverage--champagne, lobsters, gold coins and that, must-have gift of diamonds. All these ‘necessities’ have more bonus features of multipliers, free spins and nine lines of ‘rich’ graphics. Jazz sounds, champagne and diamonds sparkling--I deserve this slot.

3) Bonus Spin 5 Times Pay: This 5X pay version finds you searching for that 5 times pay wild or two of them for 25 times pay. At third coin, there is a bonus spin trigger that takes you to a huge reel beside a six-row grid with five jackpot symbols per row. While the bonus $$ add up, there are more bonus payouts for each row of like symbols completed. When all 30 blocks are filled a ‘collect’ symbol will count your winnings. This bonus feature occurs approx. every 80 coins. Add this to game credits and this version turns out to be a winner.

4) Something for Nothing: really! Standard fruit, and bell symbols dot this nine payline slot. Toss in some 7 combos, Jackpot Coin and Wild Fruit symbols and approx. every 60 spins on a losing bet, the player gets a chance at the ‘something for nothing’ bonus. Amounts randomly selected from 3-40X based of your bet appear on the credit meter. The hits just keep on coming in between bonus rounds and a generous pay table. The search is on for ‘losing’ combos -- you know what they look like -- right? Cash in on those losers with this fun Williams version

5) Bugsy: Aristocrat introduces some cops and robbers characters with a tommy gun, gangster moll, thug and poker symbols strewn about. Scatter pay symbols of Bugsy, the green gangster and Lou the detective add to the chase and free spin credits mount. This unique version presents the player with an animated story featuring the antics of the two main characters. And the quest for bucks is on.

Note: Be sure to read about Aussie gamblers and Aristocrat Gaming featured in the current issue of the Slots Report.

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