Wild X Bonus

We continue the search for more Wild Multiplier Bonus Slots. Following are ten versions as your next ‘casino assignment’, should you choose to take up the challenge. To recap, briefly: these slots look like basic three-reel slots with the added features of wild symbols, multipliers, free spins, plenty of eye-popping graphics and requent hits/payouts. Some versions hit every second spin, unlike basic slots.

Here we go:

1) Cherries ‘R’ Wild: This slot may look like a single line reel-spinner, however you can activate 9 paylines that will multiply jackpots by adding together hits on various lines. The wild symbol ups your credits and can be applied to two or three intersecting pay lines. It’s possible to rack up credits on a single spin without hitting the upper level jackpots. Also, factor in a high hit frequency of nearly every other spin if you activate all pay lines--the best strategy for this version. This slot comes in a slant-top version with payouts easily seen rather than craning your neck to look up. Why aren’t all games this comfortable?

2) Jackpot Stampede Deluxe: Free spins and double wild symbols. Join the stampede for this version. 3-reel single line with two separate wild symbols -- the wild horseshoe and on the center reel--a Double Wild symbol that doubles the jackpot. Approx. every 80 spins when you line up three jackpot stampede symbols, you’ve won a chance at the bonus round ushered in by a wild cattle round up presenting five free spins. ‘Cash cows’ during this round offer additional winnings on any reel, any position. Giddyup cowhand, head for the BBQ after you pocket your winnings.

3) Dazzling Diamonds: Three-reel slot with ‘Double Diamond’ style doubling wild symbol. Why fight success -- ‘diamond’ slots have always attracted slot players and now with more wild symbols, there’s more reason to choose this particular version. You will note that as this series of slots articles unfolds, many versions are ‘take-offs’ of original basic slots, however the big difference is the extra bonus opportunities. In my Casino Gambling Made Easier books and booklets, I warn casino players to be wary of ‘take-offs’ because they are not usually better paying versions of the original. These slots are the exception to the rule and you should be certain that you are seeking and locating these bonus versions as described--much better for your pocketbook.

4) Jungle Themes by IGT: Two bonus versions that feature leopards and elephants.Leopard Spots: Allow bets of up to five coins for each of the 15 paylines = total of 75 coins. You get outstanding music and animation for your money and after approx. 100 spins, the screen produces a resting, friendly leopard in a tree. The words SPOTS is highlighted--make your choice to determine the bonus number of free games/spins and a multiplier amount of 2x-5x for bonus payments. Just when you thought a leopard couldn’t change its SPOTS.

5) Elephant King: A 9-line, five reel game with wild elephant symbols. Three scattered elephant symbols starts the bonus options. Free re-spins of two outer reels guarantees plus winnings. You get huge fun when you head for the Jungle on your next casino visit.

6) Mint: 3-reel progressive slot with US Mint theme. Reels appear imbedded on steel rollers in currency-stamping equipment while ‘money in motion’ is pushed your way. Look out, here it comes, grab as much as you can.

7) Black & White 5 Times Pay: While the 5 times feature is tempting on the basic version; now there is a multiplying wild symbol added to jack-up the hit frequency to nearly every 6 spins. 5 Times symbol multiplies the jackpot by 5 and 25 if two line up on the pay line. The reel symbols are mixed--single bars, doubles and triples pay as before, however, the added multiplier makes this simply designed game much more appealing. Search out this ‘fiver’ slot type.

8) Fishin’ for Cash: Three-reel, 2x, 3x multiplier, double, quad wild symbols and animated fishing characters -- that’s just for starters. Double Diamond symbol is the key wild to double and quadruple the payoffs. While you are spinning away, the three fishers are casting for bonus fish to be added to the individual stalls--based on coins bet. These stalls pay a 10-coin bonus when 10 fish are collected. Playing maximum coins for maximum bonus in this game is casting your line in the right direction.

9) Lion Fish: Two versions: 5 or 9 payline offering wild symbols and scatter pays instead of free spins. Underwater creatures such as starfish and shells are dotted on the screen with two wild symbols--Lion Fish and Diver, that rack up those extra credits just for you. As in most bonus versions, 5 selected symbols lined up gets that jackpot payout and no, you don’t have to be underwater to get it. I tried this one recently for fun and profit.

10) Hot Reels: A little bit of skill speeds you across the finish line first in this game. Similar to Five Play Video Poker, you hold any or all of 3 symbols dealt and these same held symbols show up in all five hands in front of you. Wild spark plugs, 5’s, 7’s and blanks are among your initial offerings. The skill part comes with your decision as to what symbols (any matching ones, of course) you select. Amid the roar of sports cars racing, watch the credits add up in all 5 hands. How fast you can finish ahead of the casino?

The usual tips for these versions are: play all three reels, however make sure with 9 payline versions, you bet at least 1 coin/line to cover all possible bonus options coming your way. All features are not available or could be different versions as casinos order their own configurations. Until your next assignment when we track down some bonus video slots--let the treasure hunt begin!