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With the beginning of a new year, it's time I caught up with e-mails received via the slots.casino.com site or from readers of the Slots Report. I have replied to these questions and comments, but, I wanted to share and educate other slot players. Hope you find these posts interesting and helpful.


Gayle: I have been reading your advice on playing the slots. I would like to know while playing a machine, should I cash out every time I win? Does that have any effect on the machine? Do you think that using your players card in the machine has any effect on winning? Cindy


Cindy: When you cash out every time, it does not effect the machine but it sure effects your bankroll and that's the reason you do it. After any win, I suggest you try 3-5 more max spins and make the decision whether to stay or move on. Also, set a stop-limit on when you cash out, (i.e. at 300 credits you cash out--or whatever amount you determine). A slot card does not change anything as far as payouts, however, the big plus is that you are gathering points towards freebies that you can add to your gambling bankroll. Gayle


Gayle: Heading for Sunny Vegas this Sunday, how are progressives determined to pay out? Is there a certain jackpot, or certain number of spins, and how is it determined what casino it hits in? Is it all random or does any of the above play into it. Thanks for any advice you can give. Jeanette.


Jeanette: Random is the key word here, therefore the payout, casino location, # of spins are not pre-determined nor could be. There is a superstition among nettikasinot Vegas locals that Mega-jackpot progressives hit after new casinos open, but that has been disproved by the two giant wins at the Desert Inn and Palace Station--go figure?


I would suggest that you not begin your slots experience with progressives, but with basic slots to build your bankroll, as progressives require a larger bankroll and some payouts are as low as 80%. One more thing, have fun in sunny Vegas town. Gayle.


What is earning potential for a slot machines? How do you calculate? Is it similar to the one done for the tables games? Giorgio.


Giorgio: Earning potential is based on many factors--which slot version--basic, progressive or BVS? Where are you playing? Many casinos, particularly in Nevada, has higher payout %'s. What denomination? Payouts are better at the high end slots but then you spend more money. Also factor in the pc or percentage casino - could be 2-5% or more depending on machine hold.


I can help you out with cost/hr for slot play as follows:

Denomination 1 coin 2 coins 3 coins

nickel $ 30 $ 60 $ 90

quarter 150 300 450

dollars 600 1200 1800

From this chart, you can track your winnings/hour. If you are playing quarters - 2 coins max, single payline (a good starting bet) for one hour you can calculate your winnings based on amount bet. As you can see it's not as easy as calculating table games, such as blackjack, baccarat or even video poker. Hope this helps. Gayle

From Bob: I just finished reading your books on All Slots and Video Poker.


I have the following questions:

Bonus Video Slots, multiple coins--how many coins should you play, for example - Reel 'Em In, also when the bonus screens comes up, which of the five fisherman characters do you usually select?


Answer: Try 1-2 coins/line to activate all lines and build your jackpot, then occasional max coin bet is not so risky. As to the five fishers - random choice each bonus round from computer so therefore, random choice by you.


You recommend playing the three reel slots 3-5 times and if no payoff to move on.


If this machine pays off with these pulls how much of a payoff would warrant to continue?


Also you recommend three pulls after a payoff for a repeat win, how much of a win would warrant to stay with this machine?


Answer: If your money was returned, I would stay on longer, however you have to set a stop-win and loss depending on your bankroll. When you hit these limits, take a break or move on. After a repeat win - I try 3-5 max spins, if no return, I move on, but again, that's up to you and your bankroll.


Comps - Excellent idea about using same card with two players--this will work for us due to four will be going on this trip. The question I have is - Does the casino know that the same card #, name, is playing at the same date and time?


Answer: Probably, but they don't care because you are playing in their house and that's all they want. Gayle.


Hello Gayle, I just finished reading your article about coinless slots. It seems that you are very hesitant about the new systems. Different systems are targeted for different players. Young players like cashless systems because they are more familiar with it. The smart card system is actually a carry over from the large arcades like Gameworks. The games do not take coins or bills but a card that can be moved from machine to machine. It works really well. Slots, like anything in a free market system, are subject to economic rules such as supply and demand. If you enjoy playing coins then coins will not go away.


I think you mentioned that you live in Arizona. Have you been able to go over to the new Casino Arizona? They have a cashless system. What do you think of it? Thanks, David


Editor's note: Since receiving this post from David, I have indeed been to Casino Arizona and although the cashless system was easy to understand and the staff were helpful with an explanation, it still was 'not my cup of tea'. I could not bounce around from one machine to another with my bucket of coins, as I prefer and just as I predicted, I nearly walked out the door with a ticket worth $100. I do thank David, though, for a different slant on the coinless debate.


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